Does your dog spend more time doing this…..

Than this?



I teach pet parents how to heal the root cause of skin and ear problems naturally to ease suffering, save money, and add years to their beloved pets lives.

  • Does your dog or cat have itchy, red, swollen, or irritated skin or ears?
  • Have you made repeated, expensive trips to the vet, but the problems always come back?
  • Is you pet on a merry go round of antibiotics, steroids, and antifungals, and still suffering?
  • Has your dog suffered from an ear hematoma from all the scratching?
  • Do you wish there was a better way?


What if there was a way to heal the root cause of your pet's chronic, painful skin problems so you could reduce or eliminate the antibiotics and steroids that are causing a vicous cycle and shortening their lives?
By addressing the foundations of good health, including diet, exercise, and emotional health, you can reduce or eliminate most chronic health problems. (This also applies to people, and I'm creating a Healthy Pets and People Boot Camp to help you regain your health together. More details on this soon.) I will show you how to do this.
Midnight Before
Midnight After

This is my dog Midnight. When we adopted him from a rescue organization, his hair was thin, coarse, and dry. His teeth were disgusting. After 6 months of holistic care, including a raw diet, daily exercise, and lots of love, he is thriving! As you can see, his coat is now thick, full, and soft. His teeth are white. He is a happy, well adjusted little guy. Would you like to help your pet thrive? Schedule a free strategy session with me for a no obligation chance to find out how I can help you and your pet live your best lives.

Waterfall in WNC


What does a holistic approach to wellness mean? It involves looking at your whole life and how all of the parts interconnect. Your health is affected by many variables, including: what you eat, how well you sleep, how much stress you are under, the quality of your relationships, exercise, and job satisfaction. This also applies to our pets. While they don't go to a job where they punch a clock, most dogs, especially working breeds, need a job. If they don't have one, they will try to create one, which usually dosn't work out well for the humans.


 As we work together, I will give you a safe space to figure out how all of the puzzle pieces fit. Together we will create a plan to change what is not working and improve what is. Through this process, your lives will be improved. You will uncover the root causes of your beloved pet's agonizing itch, and might just learn a bit more about yourself in the process. You will both be happier, less stressed, and have better energy. Your relationship will thrive. Are you ready to take control of your pet's health, as well as your own?


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Nadine J- You have helped me tremendously. I have more energy, reduced anxiety and much fewer cravings for bad foods. I now have a meal plan. I'm also sleeping better. Thank you!


Nany M- Working with Christy really made a difference for me. She was able to get past my feelings of being overwhelmed by breaking down my goal into small, easy to manage pieces. She's a great listener and very well educated on wellness. I highly recommend working with her!

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